Taiwan has high-speed milling head, high precision, wide range of speed. Vertical horizontal dual-use, according to your actual processing needs modified.

Product Advantage

Cast iron with high precision, long service life

Gear power feed,motorized lift on Z axis.

Three axis hardening treatment

Ball screw

Equipped with manual lubricating device, the lubrication on the lead screw and guideway

X6325WG vertical milling machine used in mold processing and other machining industry, the specific industry must consult the milling machine manufacturers!

(If you do not know what model of the universal milling machine is appropriate, please contact us customer service to give you answer!)

X6325WG Vertical and horizontal turret milling machine

* Hardened guideway

* X.Y axis auto feeding and motorized lift on Z axis,Slider and table travel enlarged

* The slotting head also can be added on machine.

* X axis can be driven by ball screw

Specification X6325WG
Table size 1250x320
Table travel 800x300x300
Spindle speeds Low (r/min) 80-2720
High (r/min) 160-5400
Spindle Taper(mm) ISO 30 R8 ISO 40
Driling dia(mm) 15
Quill travel(mm) 127
Dirll presshead swivels Left Right 90
Before Behind 45
Main motor Voltage 380V
Frequency 50HZ
Motor 3HP
Distance from spindle to table surface(mm) 100-490
Overall dimensions(mm) 1655x1650x2

Vertical Milling Machine X6325WG Picture

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