Universal Milling Machine

1. What is universal milling machine?

Different countries have different understanding of universal milling machines. DXMC milling machine supplier is specialized in the production of universal milling machines for 33 years. We think that a machine can be called universal milling machine, need to have the following characteristics.

① The mill machine has the functions of vertical milling and horizontal milling.

② The milling head has high precision and fast speed.

③ Milling head can rotate 360 degrees, known as universal milling head.

Main technical parameters

Model Table size Table travel Spindle taper
LM1450B 1630X360 1000X320X405 ISO50
XQ6232WA 1250X320 600X340 ISO40
XQ6232A 1250X320 750x300x430 7:24 ISO40
XQ6226W 1270X260 750x300x430 ISO40
XQ6226B 1120X260 600×270 ISO40
XQ6226A 1120X260mm 600×270mm ISO40
X6132 1320x320 700(680)X255(244)X320(300) ISO50
LM1450C 1600X320 800X320X350-400 7:24 NO50
LM1450A 1630X360 1000X320X405 IS050
LM1450 1250x360 970(1000)X300X390 IS040(IS050)

2. Clearly tell you the advantages of universal milling machine!

It can realize vertical and horizontal milling two kinds of processing functions. It has the advantages of flexible operation, good stability, energy saving, suitable for many mechanical processing occasions. Guide rail hardening treatment, three-axis hardening treatment and three-axis automatic feed drive.

3. 8 main components of universal milling machine you should know!

Universal mill machine is mainly composed of column parts, lifting table parts, work table parts, chassis parts, ram parts, milling head parts, electrical parts and paint processing part. The details of each component are described in detail in the News page. Welcome your attention!

4. Do you know the production process of universal milling machine?

The production process of universal milling machine mainly includes the following steps.

Preparation and inspection of machine tool castings

Scraping the machine parts

Machine tool components assembly

Preliminary inspection of milling machine

Universal milling machine spray paint

Inspection of hardness and accuracy of milling machine

Universal milling machine packaging shipment

5. How do customers evaluate the products of our company?

“We have had many cooperation with DXMC milling machine brand, and the manufacturers are very hospitable. We also visited DXMC's workshop on the spot. We have purchased the universal milling machine products for many times, including 1450 series, 6226 series and 6232 series. The product quality is reliable and trustworthy!”

----A Brazilian customer

“Mr. Gao the CEO of DXMC is indeed an expert in the machinery manufacturing industry, and he has a good answer to our question about universal milling machines. In addition. He gave the most appropriate recommendation for our actual needs, and it was great!”

----An Indian customer