3 turret milling machine is a common metal cutting machine, with vertical and horizontal milling two functions, milling, flat, slope, groove and spline and other functions.

Vertical Milling Machine 3S Vertical Milling Machine 3S Vertical Milling Machine 3S

1, lift lift Z can be achieved through manual and mobile two ways to achieve, and manual and mobile is interlocked, eliminating the insecurity.

2, 3 turret milling machine Manual lubrication device can longitudinal, horizontal and vertical screw and guide rail for forced lubrication, reduce machine wear, to ensure the efficient operation of the machine; the same time, the cooling system by adjusting the nozzle to change the coolant flow Size, to meet the different processing needs.

3, turret milling machine operating system through the arm hanging in the top right of the machine, ergonomic principles, easy to operate; operation panel are using visual symbol design, simple and intuitive.

4, optional digital display device, installation, reduce the corresponding equipment, milling machine prices to maintain cost-effective!Widely used in mechanical processing, mold, equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

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3S/3V Turret Milling Machine

* High accuracy, Hardened and Ground

* Dovetail guideway, Meehanite Casting Iron

* X and Y axis can add power feed

* Turcite-B on X and Y axis

Specification 3S/3V
Table size(mm) 254x1270
Left/right travel(mm) 780
Before Behind travel(mm) 405
Up and down travel(mm) 405
spindle taper NT30#R8
spindle speed range 80-5440RPM(16Sstep)
main motor power 3HP
N.W(kg) 1200

Vertical Milling Machine 3S Picture

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