CNC Milling Machine

1. The outstanding advantages of CNC milling machine compared with the ordinary milling machine!

The most outstanding advantage of automatic CNC milling machine equipment is high precision and high efficiency. It only needs to be clamped once to realize the processing of complicated workpieces in various processes, greatly saving time and improving the efficiency, suitable for the production of multi variety, medium and small quantities of products. In addition, simple operation, saving labor costs, good stability and long service life are also the advantages of CNC milling machine.

Main technical parameters

Model Table size Table travel Spindle taper
VMC7040 900×400 700x400x550 BT40
VMC6540L 800×320 610x320x400 BT40
VMC1060 1300×600 1060/600/600 BT40

2. How to choose a suitable CNC milling machine?

DXMC machine supplier in China summed up 5 tips for you to help you choose the most suitable CNC milling machine.

① Clear the technical requirements of the workpiece you need to process. Workpieces machined using a CNC milling machine typically require a variety of tools for processing. Repetitive production of the workpiece for processing a single small batch production.

② Correct selection of milling machine technical specifications. According to the size of the workpiece to determine the size of the corresponding machine to determine the size of the table and the three linear coordinate system travel. Considering the accuracy of machine.

③ The same specifications of the machine usually have 2-3 different capacity of the knife library. Users can choose according to the actual workpiece processing requirements.

④ When choosing a machining center, the manufacturer can also provide the user with functions to meet the special machining requirements. In the actual purchase of machines, the need for special accessories and functions should be seriously considered, to avoid cost waste.

⑤ Determine the number of machine tools to be purchased. This requires analysis of the process route, estimating the processing time and auxiliary time for each process. And then calculate the production rate according to the machine operating rate, the final comparison with the target value to determine the appropriate number of purchases.