Vertical Milling Machine

1. These vertical milling machine types you must tell!

Vertical milling machine mainly includes oridinary vertical milling machine, vertical & horizontal milling machine and turret milling machine. Different types of vertical milling machine suitable for different processing occasions, so you need to purchase in accordance with your needs! As a milling mahine brand in China, DXMC provides you the best choise!

Main technical parameters

Model Table size Table travel Spindle taper
X6336WA 1630x360 1000x300x405 ISO40V ISO50H
X6336 1250x360 1000x300x400 ISO40(V) ISO50(H)
X6332WA 1250x320 600x340 ISO40
X6332C 1250x320 600x300x300 ISO40
X6332B 1250x320 600x300x300 ISO40
X6325WG 1250x320 800x300x300 ISO 30 R8 ISO 40
X6325W 1270x260 700x280x450 NT30 R8 NT40
X5032 1320x320 700/680x255/240x370/350 ISO50 7:24
DM100 910x200mm 560x240x350mm R8/ NT40
5S/5V 305x1370 960x450x480 NT40
4S/4V 254x1270 780x405x405 NT30#R8
3S 254x1270 780x405x405 NT30#R8

2. The structural features of vertical mill machine should be understood!

The structural characteristics of vertical mill machine mainly include the following points.

① The base of the milling machine, the machine body, table, slide, lift slider, spindle box and other major components are made of high-strength materials, and by artificial aging treatment to ensure long-term stability of the machine.

② Vertical mill head can be rotated in the vertical plane to adjust ± 45 °, expand the machine processing range.

③ The worktable has three feeding modes in three directions of X, Y and Z axes: manual feed, motor feed and quick feed.

④ The guide rails of machine tool are quenched, precision grinding and scraping treatment, and use forced lubrication, greatly improve accuracy and extend the service life.

⑤ The lubrication device can be forced lubrication of the screw and guide rails to reduce the wear of the machine to ensure the efficient operation of the machine tool.

⑥ The design of vertical milling machine conforms to the principle of human engineering, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3. How to carry on the numerical control transformation to the vertical milling machine?

CNC transformation of vertical milling machine can be used this way. In the initial stage, we typically automate the machine by adding a CNC system to an ordinary vertical milling machine. Then, the mechanical feed part of the milling machine is replaced by servo control feed. Machine tool mechanical parts need to use iron plastic material, more wear-resistant and can reduce the friction in the feed, so that the machine is running more smoothly. Finally, it is best to change the normal screw into a ball screw. This screw run smoothly, high precision, the installation requirements are relatively high.