Drilling Milling Machine

1. What is a drilling and milling machine?

Drilling and milling machine is a machine tool which combines drilling and milling functions together, which is suitable for processing all kinds of small and medium size workpieces. Drill & milling machine includes the following features.

① Drilling milling machine combines drilling and milling functions together.

② The machine is simple in structure and flexible in operation.

③ Wide range of machine tool processing and functional diversity.

④ The machine has low noise and low power consumption.

⑤ The maintenance of milling machine is simple and the service life is long.

Main technical parameters

Model Table size Table travel Spindle taper
ZX7550Z 800x240 400x230 NT30 R8 (NT40)
ZX7550CW 800x240 400x230 IS040
ZX7550C 800x240 400x230 IS040
ZX6350ZA 1250*320 600*300 IS040
ZX6350C 1120x280 600x230 IS040

2. How to check whether the drilling & milling machine is qualified?

Typically, the mill machine manufacturer checks the machine thoroughly before it leaves the factory. But when you receive the machine tool you purchase, the corresponding inspection is also very essential. The inspection recommended by DXMC mainly includes the following steps.

① Open the accessory box of the machine, check the attachment and purchase the contract is consistent, make sure there is no omission.

② Check the appearance of the milling machine. Check whether there is oil leakage in the milling machine parts.

③ After carefully reading the instructions of the machine tool, switch on the power supply. Start the milling machine test running, try the machine tool functions are normal use.

④ Using decibel meter to detect the noise in the milling machine operation is in line with the standard.

⑤ Check the accuracy of the milling machine. The contents of the inspection include: check the table X axis direction and Y axis direction parallelism of the mill machine, check the verticality of the worktable, check the spindle round beating and so on.

If the milling machine you bought successfully passed the above inspection, so congratulations you got a qualified milling machine equipment!