5 turret milling machine to expand the effective working range of the machine, the spindle with precision bevel ball bearings, fast speed, but also has a high accuracy.

Structural features:

1,5 turret milling machine compact structure, small size, high flexibility, milling head can turn around 90 °, 45 ° before and after rotation, the ram can not only before and after the telescopic, and horizontal 360 ° rotation, thus greatly expanding the machine Effective working range.

2, turret milling machine milling machine using high-level Mehanna cast iron, strong structure, no deformation, good stability. Spindle with chrome molybdenum alloy production, quenched and tempered by the precision grinding, coupled with precision level bevel ball bearing combination, cutting force, precision and good. Three-axis angle nuts are made of high grade phosphor copper (PBC-2), good wear resistance, long service life.

3, X, Y axis slide TURCITE-B wear-resistant film, light operation, low wear rate, durable. Work surface by quenching and hard grinding after hard grinding, easy to wear.

4, equipped with manual pump, on the table, lift centralized lubrication. Equipped with improved electrical box and controller, with 110V, 220V, 24V output socket.

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5S/5V Turret Milling Machine

* High accuracy, Hardened and Ground

* Meehanite Casting Iron

* X and Y axis can add power feed

Specifications 5S/5V
Table size(mm) 305x1370
Spindle taper NT40
Spindle speed range(r.p.m) 60-3600RPM (10 step)
table travel(mm) 960x450x480
Main motor(kw) 5HP/3.7
N.W(kg) 1650

Vertical Milling Machine 5S/5V Picture

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