This universal milling machine produced by DXMC is improved on the basis of LM1450A. Technical comparison please see the following detailed introduction!

Universal Milling Machine LM1450B Universal Milling Machine LM1450B Universal Milling Machine LM1450B Universal Milling Machine LM1450B Universal Milling Machine LM1450B

LM1450B universal milling machine is a milling machine developed from LM1450A universal milling machine, which is based on the feedback from market users and production experience.

Here is the technical comparison between LM1450A and LM1450B.

1. Vertical milling part: change the lubricating grease into lubricating oil. Solve the problem of insufficient lubrication and short life due to temperature rise.

2. Bed body part: the ram seat, which is connected by screws, is changed into one-body type, greatly improving the stability and performance of the machine tool.

3. Lift table part: lift table is changed to the pull-up type, which improves the stability of the body, and makes the mill machine with higher precision and better processing performance.

4. Motor part: the motor of 4KW is changed to the motor of 5.5KW to improve the machining power of machine tool.

As an improved milling machine, LM1450B still has the advantages of LM1450A universal mill machine (click here to view LM1450A universal milling machine). As a professional milling machine supplier, our company provides perfect after-sales service and life-long maintenance service for machine tool products sold. If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us by phone or by mail.

(If you do not know what model of the universal milling machine is appropriate please contact us customer service to give you answer!)

1. Three axes hardened

2. Y and Z axis rectangular guideway

3. Table Swivel 45 degree

4. According to customer requirements can be added ball screw

5. Centralized transmissionvalue stableeasy to operate

Table size  mm 1630x360
Numbers、width&distance between T - slot  mm 3x18x80
Max.longitudinal travel  mm 1000
Max.cross travel  mm 320
Max.vertical travel  mm 405
Travel of arm  mm 600
Distance from horizontal spindle to table  mm 0-405
Distance from vertical spindle to table mm 145-550
Swivel angle of the vertical milling head  degree 360
Max.rotary angle of table  degree ±45
Distance from vertical spindle to column surface (Min) mm 270
Distabce from horizontal spindle to ram bottom mm 200
Level spindle taper taper ISO50
Level spindle taper taper ISO50
level spindle speed grade steps 12
level spindle speed range rpm 60-1800
Milling Head spindle speed garde steps 12
milling head spindle speed range rpm 60-1700
Grade of the work-table feeds steps 6
Range of feed speeds longitudinal,cross,vertical mm/min 30-630
Speed of rapid travels longitudinal,cross,vertical mm/min 2000
vertical spindle drive motor  kw 4
Horizontal spindle drive motor    5.5
Lifting motor power kw 4
Feed motor kw 1.5
Coolant pump w 40
Net weight kg 2388
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1770x1830x1980
Packing size mm 1960x2080x2250

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