LM-1450A universal swivel head milling machine is based on the LM1450 installation of rotary table 45 degrees processing of a wide range three-axes automatic feeds large torque and strong power1.5KW fast-moving 2000mm/min.

Universal Milling Machine LM1450A Universal Milling Machine LM1450A Universal Milling Machine LM1450A Universal Milling Machine LM1450A

Product advantages:

1. the use of LM1450A universal milling machine high-grade cast iron high precision after the artificial aging long life.

2. with a special material made of the spindle coupled with precision angular contact bearings quenching and tempering and fine grinding cutting force high precision bed is rectangular rail bed contact surface with sufficient rigidity stable performance.

3. universal milling machine X by the box-type knife control mechanism Y direction you can automatically achieve automatic feed Z to the motor elevator.

4. milling machine X Y Z three-way track surface hardening precision grinding steel gears for high-frequency quenching and tempering low noise and durable grinding.

5. equipped with manual lubrication equipment milling machine can force the screw lubrication and rail.

6. 1450A universal milling machine with two rotary milling head the spindle can be rotated and adjusted at any angle.

Milling machine processing range can be achieved during the clamping process greatly reducing the processing time high efficiency.

Suitable for mold special steel processing mining equipment industrial equipment and other heavy-duty large-scale machining.

Specifications LM1450A
Spindle taper ISO50
Difference from spindle axis to guideway(mm) 505
Horizontal axis middle height 0-480
Table size(mm) (1630)1500*360
Table travel(mm) (1016) 900x400x405
Main motor 4kw

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