Z- automatic feed milling head,rectangular guideways on lifting platform, high stability , hardened on X,Y,Z axes, automatic feeds on X、Y axes motoried lifting on Z axis.

Drilling Milling Machine ZX6350ZA Drilling Milling Machine ZX6350ZA Drilling Milling Machine ZX6350ZA

ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine, is my DXMC milling machine manufacturers with drilling rigs, milling machines and other advantages of the machine, developed a Z series of economic precision milling machine. Its structure is reasonable,easy to operate, you can carry out small and medium-sized mechanical parts of the plane, end, groove and other milling processing, but also parts of the drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, boring, such as With a bowl-shaped grinding wheel, but also the parts of the plane and rails and other processing surface of the debris processing, to a multi-purpose machine, energy efficient, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing and repair industry ideal processing equipment.

Product Advantage:

Universal milling head, machining flexibility

X axis mechanical feed

Vertical and horizontal multifunctional drilling milling machine

Gear transmisson milling head, automatic feed

(If you do not know what model of the universal milling machine is appropriate, please contact us customer service to give you answer!)

ZX6350ZA Drilling Milling Machine

* Hardened and ground

* Automatic feed Z type milling head

* X.Y axis auto feeding, motorized lift on Z axis

* Rectangular guideway on lift platform with high stability

Specifications ZX6350ZA
Distance from spindle to tablesurface(mm) 100-430
Max drilling dia.(mm) 50
Max boring dia.(mm) 120
Max vertical milling dia.(mm) 25
Max horizontal milling dia.(mm) 100
Spindle speed range(r.p.m) 60-1500(8) V 40-1300(12) H
Table size 1250*320
Table travel 600*300
Main motor(kw) 0.85/1.5(V) 2.2(H)
Spindle travel(mm) 120
N.W/G.W (kg) 1400/1550

Drilling Milling Machine ZX6350ZA Picture

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