VMC1060 vertical machining center of the overall structure of the FEA analysis and the use of high-grade cast iron material, heat treatment to eliminate stress.

1,VMC1060 vertical machining center of the overall structure of the FEA analysis and the use of advanced cast iron material, heat treatment to eliminate stress, tough bottom structure to enhance the shock absorption, to ensure the best rigidity, accuracy, durability.

2, the machine tool weight system to install the rail, so that the spindle head cutting movement or fast moving up and down more stable and fast, and to suppress the vibration phenomenon to ensure accuracy.

3, the machine three-axis using C3-class precision ball screw, with the nut pre-pressure and screw pre-pull, pre-elimination of the backlash and temperature rise elongation, to achieve stability of the positioning and reproduction accuracy, with long working life advantages The

4, the machine according to VDI3441 standard radiation test, according to the principle of ASME standards for testing, to ensure the accuracy of machine tools.

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Technical parameters Content Unit VMC1060 VMC1370 VMC1580 VMC1690
Workbench Table size(L*W) mm 1300×600 1400×700 1700×800 1800×900
Axis (X/Y/Z) mm 1060/600/600 1300/700/700 1500/800/700 1600/900/700
Maximum table load kg 1000 1200 1500 1600
T-slot Number/width/spacing mm 18×5 18×5 18×7 22×5
Main shaft Spindle taper BT40 BT50 BT50 BT50
Spindle center to column surface distance rail mm 540 720 820 950
Spindle speed range mm 40-6000 40-6000 40-6000 40-6000
Motor Powe rpm 7.5/11 43054 15/18.5 18.5
Spindle outer diameter kw 120 150 155 155
Rapid traverse speed X/Y/Z m/min 24 18 18 18
Feed rate Feed movement speed X/Y/Z m/min 18 10 10 10
Three-axis servo motor KW 1.5 2 3.5 4.5
Positioning accuracy mm 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Accuracy Rrpeat positioning accuracy mm 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
Capacity 24 24/32 24/32 24/32
Magazine Machine weight Kg 7.6 9.5 11 17
General paramenters Dimensions mm 2650x2300x3250 3500x3200x3100 4300x3750x3100 5000x3800x3000

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